With the recent adjustments to the handicap system and revisions changing daily, it is more difficult for us to provide handicaps for every match. In the event we are not able to assist with your handicaps, the following is a step-by-step guide to figuring out the handicaps for your upcoming match...

Step 1 - Download the GHIN mobile application

If you have not already, be sure to download the USGA's GHIN mobile application from your app store. Once downloaded, login using your GHIN number and last name.

Step 2 - Handicap Calculator

Once logged into the GHIN app, you'll want to select "Handicap Calculator" to start the process of determining handicaps.

Step 3 - Select Your Course

After selecting Handicap Calculator, the app will ask you to select your course. Begin by typing in the name of the golf course you are playing. Be sure to use the specific name of the golf course. If it begins with "The," you'll need to include the word.

Step 4 - Add Golfers

On the bottom of your screen, you'll see an option to "Add Golfers." Click this option and then begin searching for the other players by typing their last name. Once you've found them, click the "+" sign and once again hit "Add Golfers." You can repeat this process until all of your players have been added.

Step 5 - Select Your Tees

Once you've found the correct course, next you'll identify which tees you're playing by clicking on "Select Tees." Select the tee which you will be playing by clicking on the correct tee. With all of the players already added, it will automatically select that tee for each player. Remember, all players do not need to play the same tees. The handicap system will adjust accordingly for each player.

Step 6 - Take 85% of the Course Handicap

Once you've added your players and identified the course and tees you will be playing, the GHIN app will give you a Course Handicap as identified by "C.H.."In order to determine your match handicaps, you will need to find 85% of your Course Handicap. To do this, simply multiply your Course Handicap by 0.85. At this point, you will round up or round down. If 85% of your handicap ends with .4 or below, you round down. If 85% of your handicap ends up with .5 or above, you round up.

Once you've done this, you now have the handicaps for your match!

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